Lab for Computing Research and Innovation

In York University Lab for Computing Research and Innovation (LCRAIN), we are looking into novel computing paradigms by using emerging technologies to design novel computing architectures and integrated circuits (ICs). We are aiming to develop hardware/software co-design solutions for artificial intelligence, security, biomedical, and neuromorphic applications. We will explore several hardware-software co-design solutions for ultra-efficient computing at the edge. These innovative strategies are at different levels, from algorithms, circuits, and systems to benefit from the device engineering level. I will develop a new class of ultra-efficient electronic hardware along with some novel software solutions that will extensively capitalize on unique device physics and innovative implementation for reaching efficiency close to biology.


  • Emerging Memory Technology
  • AI Hardware Accelerator
  • Neuromorphic Computing
  • Bio-inspired Computing
  • In-memory Computing
  • Logic Design
  • VLSI Systems
  • Hardware Security